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Colourful half-linen pot holder "Moose"

Colourful half-linen pot holder "Moose"
Colourful half-linen pot holder "Moose"
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Colourful half-linen pot holders are made of half-linen fabric (50% linen and 50% cotton), decorated with moose motif. The fabric of this apron is durable, suitable for frequent use and washing. Can be matched with other kitchen accessories, like kitchen aprons, bread baskets, towels, various coasters, tablecloths and napkins.

Dimensions 16x14
Material Linen 50% , cotton 50%
Linen products washing instruction Before washing linen fabric, it is important to check the label for care instructions. Linen fabrics should be washed in a seperate load from other types of fabrics. Avoid washing light-colored fabrics with dark fabrics. You may have some linen pilling after first 2-3 linen fabric washings. When using a household or industrial washing machine, keep water temperature no hotter than 40°C. If you wash linen in too hot temperature it can shrink and the color of linen fabric will fade faster. Washing machine should work with no more than 75% loading. You may have some extra shrinkage after tumbler drying. Do not bleach.

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