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About Us

Namų tekstilė dedicates natural, aesthetic, durable, practical, high-quality wool, linen, cotton products for all customers and their homes. The purpose of textile products is not only for private homes but also for rest homes, kindergartens, hotels, cafe and restaurant halls, rural tourism homesteads.

For the recent 15 year anniversary on October 13th 2018, UAB Namų tekstilė shareholders have looked over the company’s activity history and all cooperations spread through the whole Euroasia continent and can proudly enjoy the entire company staff’s neat work results. It is a constant cycle of a growing company, increasing staff’s income, flourishing production quantities, renewed modern technology, increasing retail demand and an expanding wholesale within Lithuanian and foreign countries' markets.

Comprehensive awareness and a high position in Lithuania and foreign countries has been reached by everyone working at UAB Namų tekstilė with a common goal – to strive for the highest quality in production. To fulfil this particular purpose there must be a united staff that with the help of modern technologies and hard-working hands can create cosy, aesthetic and soothing products. For the past 15 years, the core of the staff still has not changed. It is one of the most exceptional features of UAB Namų tekstilė team.

Natural wool, linen, cotton textiles for every day or festive use are valued by tourists, foreign wholesale producers and consumers, international exhibition visitors, textile specialists and new partners. We participate and introduce our products in Italian, French, German, Norwegian and other countries’ exhibitions.

UAB Namų tekstilė brand is praised by many „Stipriausiųjų Lietuvoje“ (meaning – „Strongest in Lithuania“) certificates.

Vision and aim – to keep optimizing people’s handwork, therefore, to fasten production and develop wider assortment, maintain with the current fashion tendencies, which means investing in new equipment and production technology. Although, new tendencies do not affect the staff’s working hours, posts or wages because the new technologies are used to facilitate, not to replace hand-making, which is and always will be needed.